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Reviews and info about paranormal mystery, suspense, and romance.

Siren's Seduction


Sexy and powerful, Serena is a federal agent tasked with taking down an international arms dealer and finding the mole within the government. She's willing to do just about anything to ensure her success, including use her ability to compel the men around her - an ability that's only ever failed against one man.


As a top operative with a clandestine agency tasked with solving crimes of the metaphysical kind, Jack has been putting the job above his personal desires for years. But when he and Serena collide on a case - and in bed - he's suddenly faced with a far more delicate balance of power and information.


Serena, with her gorgeous curves, wicked tongue and challenging glare, calls to Jack. He can't keep his mind out of bed, or on the case. With danger escalating by the minute and a betrayal neither Jack nor Serena see coming, they're going to have to put the brakes on their lust and protect their future before it's taken away - permanently.


A Romantica® suspense erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Shamans and Shifters, Book One


Samantha wants a normal life but the were world won’t leave the sexy new shaman alone. An outcast, she has the potential to control were spirits of all kinds—if only she can figure out how. When she encounters a red-hot demon were, everything she never wanted to know about the supernatural gets turned on its head.


The fire demon Marek claims he’s been ordered to kill Samantha but he’s disobeying the command. He’s come to save her instead, so they can work together against his sadistic vampire master. Demons are notorious liars, so Samantha has her doubts but no choice. A common cause—survival—draws them together and cool suspicion turns to sexual heat.


A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Hoodoo, Haunts, and Horror.


Riga Hayworth just wants to wrap up her supernatural TV series exploring the magic of New Orleans. when she stumbles across a corpse, she becomes a police consultant on a series of occult murders, murders that become all too personal.


The Hoodoo Detective is book six in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels.


Coming October 31, 2014

Excerpt: Spirit on Fire


shifters and shamans

Shifters and Shamans, Book One


The werewolf paid cash, sliding the change into the hip pocket of his jeans.

At the other end of the counter Samantha pretended to study the flyers on the cork bulletin board—a high school production of The Tempest, a ten percent discount on acupuncture, a tai chi class at the local Y. The scent of coffee and the whir of an espresso machine filled the air, suddenly stifling.


Samantha had time to grab coffee but not for a were encounter. And if she was late for work again tonight she’d lose this job, just like she had all the others.


Don’t see me. Don’t see what I am. I am normal. I am invisible. I am shielded by a protective light…


Too late. Her heart roller coastered downward. He was striding toward her.


She met his eyes, determined to show no fear. The werewolf almost looked human. His plain white tee stretched tight against washboard abs. There was a hint of a shadow about his chiseled jaw and in her mind’s eye she caught a flash of rumpled sheets and sex. Like a photographic overlay, the spirit of the wolf shifted inside and around him. It snarled at her and her spine stiffened, the skin on her arms tingling. There was no call for the were to be rude, she thought.


He stopped in front of her and leaned against the counter. His gaze took a leisurely stroll from her low-heeled boots to her mahogany hair and corkscrew curls. Petite and curvy, she was a twenty-something morsel in a lipstick-pink trench coat.


“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” His voice was a husky growl.


“I think you’re supposed to say, ‘nice girl like you’.”


“No.” He grinned. “I meant what I said.”


Dammit. He did know what she was. And worse, she was responding. Her pulse rose, warmth flooding her cheeks.


She hated this because a part of her wanted to smile, to flirt. Sam was lonely and not proud of the fact. But once the were and his clan discovered she was broken things would go bad. Fast. The weres were all about survival of the fittest, and the broken were a danger to the pack. She’d be driven out at best and at worst… She pushed that memory aside, the beating from a pack of female weres who had left her for dead. The surgeries that had followed. The drugs. The confusion. She’d wanted to die then, had expected death.


God, how she wanted to be normal.


“Sam?” The barista slid a white paper cup across the counter.


Samantha snatched the coffee, heedless of the heat burning the ridge of the cup into her palm. She turned to leave.


The were moved to block her and pressed a broad hand to his chest. “Sam? That’s my favorite name. Now I know it’s love.”


She rolled her eyes and stepped around him.


He bent his head as she passed. “Don’t leave, wolf shaman.”


“Excuse me.” She wove through the coffee shop and he followed her into the drizzly San Francisco night.


“Have dinner with me.”




He grinned. “Breakfast then.”


She shot him a black-layered look. “No.”


“Why not? I’m charming, good-natured and I don’t bite. Much.”


“I’m sure. But trust me, it will only end in tears.” Her own.


He stopped beneath a streetlamp, the cone of light illuminating swirling droplets of fog. It sparkled in his hair like shards of glass. “What’s life without a little risk? Take a chance.”

She shook her head and hurried down the slick street, the noise from the coffee shop fading behind her. He was wrong.

Title: Spirit on Fire

Book length: Novella (25,000 words)

Genre: Paranormal romantic erotica

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Author: Katlyn Conrad


Buy Spirit on Fire Here:



Ellora’s Cave,

Barnes and Noble, and


Interview with Paranormal Romance Writer Sam Cheever


paranormal romanceToday we interview USA Today bestselling author Sam Cheever, author of the Chasing Eros box set! Here’s a bit about Chasing Eros, and then, off to the interview:

The Chasing Eros box set includes three books featuring Cupids, the Gods of Love, and their struggle against their own weaknesses and magical interference to find love. Chasing Eros is set in a magical world that navigates between modern day Earth and golden Olympus–City of the Gods.

Book 1: Eros Unbridled

In the battle for true love, sometimes those who aren’t willing to fight sustain the most damage. [Click to Tweet]

Like generations of Cupids before her, Daphne Charissa is doomed to a long and loveless life. Tall, smart and sexy, Bion Chronos is everything she’s ever wanted in a man…and nothing she can ever have. The Fates have decreed that none of the Cupid race will ever know lifelong love. But love has a funny way of testing fate, and the power of a woman’s tears should never be underestimated.

Book 2: Eros Unchecked

Love can grow amid monsters and misunderstandings. If only she has the strength to grasp it. [Click to Tweet]

Athena Googlios’ new client is everything she thinks she wants in a lover. But Damian Leandar is a man of dangerous secrets and complex problems. Tormented by mythological beasts and struggling with her own innate prejudice…Athena is in danger of letting her perfect man slip away. Just as she realizes how much she wants him to stay.

Book 3: Eros Uncensored

He might have been high on Brimstone when he met her. But he wasn’t too drugged to recognize a good thing when she stuck a knife under his chin!

Hermes figured he had no future, so he gave up, wasting his days inhaling Brimstone in a Succubi House on Olympus. Cursed from birth, Nidras knew her future was sketchy at best. But the last thing she intended to do was give up. She thought she had to fight the curse alone, but she never counted on a drug muddled Cupid setting his sights on her and gumming up the works. Especially one as sexy and fun as Hermes. So what if he didn’t have the first clue how to protect himself in her dangerous world? It didn’t stop him from trying!

Buy them here:

Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LH2YAKQAmazon.ca: http://www.amazon.ca/Chasing-Eros-Box-Set-Cheever-ebook/dp/B00LH2YAKQ Amazon.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chasing-Eros-Box-Set-Cheever-ebook/dp/B00LH2YAKQ

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1119894619?ean=2940149701070&itm=1&usri=2940149701070

All Romance eBooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-chasingerosboxset-1560279-153.html

Kobo Books: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/chasing-eros-box-set

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/454091

What 7 things absolutely drive you insane?

1. People who drive slow in the left lane. I mean, do they really not see the dozens of cars packed up behind them? How self-involved do you need to be to park yourself in the left lane and go ten miles below the speed limit? It boggles my mind.

2. People who don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them. Oh, excuse me, your highness. Shall I hold your crown while you flippin’ eat too? #:0)

3. People who are mean to animals. No joking on this one. It causes me to lose sleep at night. I really believe there’s something missing in a person who thinks it’s okay to abuse or neglect a defenseless animal. Those animals didn’t ask to be brought into your home. Given the chance they’ll do anything they can to please you and will love you no matter how big an @$$ you are. I include people who get a dog and leave it in a kennel or tied up in the yard in this group. I wonder how they would like being locked outside by themselves 24×7?

4. Thunderstorms in the middle of the night. Really? Does it HAVE to storm at 3 am EVERY time? LOL I love thunderstorms, but I want to be able to sit outside on the porch and watch them. Not so much when I’m trying to sleep and my thunder-phobic dogs are climbing the bed side table trying to hide.

5. Commercials. I know it’s unreasonable. People need to be able to sell their products. But I HATE sitting through commercials. I feel like they’re intruding on my life/time without my permission, especially when I’ve paid to watch something. If I’ve paid, I shouldn’t have to be subjected to commercials. Ugh!

6. Subtopic to Commercials above: Viagra/Low T commercials. Really? Are you really going to talk about your peeper problems on the TV or radio in the middle of the flippin’ day? Really? Do you think the world needs to hear about it? Just go to your dang doctor and handle it privately. Have some class! Argh!

7. Sub, Sub-topic to Commercials and Commercials Viagra: Government commercials telling you how to do everything from wash your hands to raising your kids. Are you kidding me? The same government who can’t mail a flippin’ letter without losing money. The same government who screws up everything it touches?That government is going to tell me how to raise my kids? Not your business, Government. Not your concern. And how many billions of dollars of my tax money are you wasting on that stupidity? Just stop it. Stop it now!

8. Yeah, I added one more thing I REALLY hate. People who whine and bitch all the time. LOL Okay, I’m done whining now. Life is Beautiful and I’m truly blessed. None of that other stuff really matters. Except, of course, the being cruel to animals thing.That we need to fix. #:0)

About the Author:

Sam Cheever paranormalUSA Today Bestselling Author Sam Cheever writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Sam is the award-winning author of 50+ books and has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.

If you haven’t already connected, Sam would love it if you Liked/Followed her wherever you enjoy hanging out online. Here are her online haunts:

Website: http://www.SamCheever.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sam-Cheever-Author/102117321982?ref=hl Twitter:https://twitter.com/samcheever Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/samcheever1/

Source: http://parayournormal.wordpress.com/2014/10/13/interview-with-paranormal-romance-writer-sam-cheever

Sexy, Funny, Paranormal Erotica

Siren's Seduction - Alyson Conrad

Siren's Seduction is a fun, sexy, exciting read, with a twist in the very first chapter that makes it difficult to write a synopsis without giving the game away. Don't worry, I won't reveal any spoilers. 


Serena is a federal agent with a very special talent - the ability to manipulate men with her voice. But when she runs up against a man she can't turn, her heart and her mission may be in jeopardy.


This is tightly written suspense, and Alyson Conrad is a seriously good writer. The story had me laughing out loud in several spots. The characters are engaging, and the romantic attraction felt real. To be clear, this is erotica so the sex scenes are quite explicit. They're also very well done. Romance isn't my go-to genre, but I couldn't put this book down.

The Dream Jumper's Secret: Review

Title: The Dream Jumper’s Secret

Author: Kim Hornsby

Publisher: Top Ten Press

Number of Pages: 249


The Dream Jumper’s Secret is the sequel to The Dream Jumper’s Promise, both paranormal romances. It’s tough to write a sequel to a romance novel. When you’ve achieved-happily-ever after, what comes next? In reality happily-ever-after doesn’t actually exist, and in The Dream Jumper’s Secret the romance tightens with the revelation of new secrets that strain the relationship and the introduction of more family issues.


The book gets off to an unhurried start, with most of the tension within the romance and the families. The action really begins in Chapter 17, when the hero, Jamey, goes to Afghanistan and Tina follows – first psychically and then physically. Since I’m more of a suspense than romance fan, I wish this had all happened sooner, but that’s just a personal preference of mine. For fans of romance, the slow build and tension-building within the relationships works.


The Dream Jumper’s Secret is a good match for paranormal romance readers looking for a deeper exploration of what happens after the guy gets the girl.


Here’s the blurb:


In Book 2 of the Amazon Bestselling Series, Dream Jumper, Tina and Jamey hope that life on Maui will slow down but soon find their life’s path taking them off the Hawaiian Isle. Way off.


Tina suspects that Jamey’s keeping a secret from her and feels unable to give her complete heart to him. When Jamey leaves for Seattle to see his daughters, she worries that he’ll return to the war in Afghanistan. She finds herself back at her parents’ house on Mercer Island, helping with a family emergency. A revelation has Tina doubting Jamey’s commitment to their relationship and when the military comes for Jamey, their relationship takes a strange turn. One that is dependent on their unusual shared ability. Dependent to the point of saving each other’s lives in dire circumstances. But just when happiness looms, Jamey has a final secret that must be told to save Tina from Jamey’s worst nightmare.

paranormal romanceAbout the Author:

Kim Hornsby is a Seattle writer, a mother, a wife, a messy housekeeper, a dog lover, and a voracious reader. She was born in Belleville, Canada, lived in Vancouver, Maui, Whistler, Taipei and now Seattle. Though The Dream Jumper’s Promise is set in Hawaii, Kim’s favorite travel destination is Nicaragua, where she does a little work with the Nicaraguan Children’s Foundation.

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts: Review

TitleDark Witch, Book One in the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: Berkeley Books

Published: 2013


I’ve always been more of a mystery/suspense than romance fan, so in the past I’ve steered clear of Nora Roberts. But this paranormal romance (on sale now for $2.99) caught my eye.


Dark Witch is inherently a fish-out-of-water story. A young American woman goes to Ireland to find her roots and restart her life. But she uncovers a deadly inheritance.

Here’s what I liked:


1) A healthy romantic relationship. The Alpha hero actually respected the heroine and didn’t act like a big jerk. And the heroine held her own in the relationship, standing up for what she needed even if she risked losing him.

2) Damn, Nora Roberts can write.

3) Irish witches!


Criticisms: I thought the romance was a bit predictable. You know from the first moment who’s going to end up with whom (and I think I can predict the next two books as well). But in fairness, this novel isn’t a romance first – it’s more a paranormal suspense with strong romantic elements, so I was happy to go along for the ride.


In short, a great book for someone looking for a romantic romp through the magic of Ireland. Get it here.

Trailer for The Infernal Detective, book 4 in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels.