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Dark Witch by Nora Roberts: Review

TitleDark Witch, Book One in the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy

Author: Nora Roberts

Publisher: Berkeley Books

Published: 2013


I’ve always been more of a mystery/suspense than romance fan, so in the past I’ve steered clear of Nora Roberts. But this paranormal romance (on sale now for $2.99) caught my eye.


Dark Witch is inherently a fish-out-of-water story. A young American woman goes to Ireland to find her roots and restart her life. But she uncovers a deadly inheritance.

Here’s what I liked:


1) A healthy romantic relationship. The Alpha hero actually respected the heroine and didn’t act like a big jerk. And the heroine held her own in the relationship, standing up for what she needed even if she risked losing him.

2) Damn, Nora Roberts can write.

3) Irish witches!


Criticisms: I thought the romance was a bit predictable. You know from the first moment who’s going to end up with whom (and I think I can predict the next two books as well). But in fairness, this novel isn’t a romance first – it’s more a paranormal suspense with strong romantic elements, so I was happy to go along for the ride.


In short, a great book for someone looking for a romantic romp through the magic of Ireland. Get it here.