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The Dream Jumper's Secret: Review

Title: The Dream Jumper’s Secret

Author: Kim Hornsby

Publisher: Top Ten Press

Number of Pages: 249


The Dream Jumper’s Secret is the sequel to The Dream Jumper’s Promise, both paranormal romances. It’s tough to write a sequel to a romance novel. When you’ve achieved-happily-ever after, what comes next? In reality happily-ever-after doesn’t actually exist, and in The Dream Jumper’s Secret the romance tightens with the revelation of new secrets that strain the relationship and the introduction of more family issues.


The book gets off to an unhurried start, with most of the tension within the romance and the families. The action really begins in Chapter 17, when the hero, Jamey, goes to Afghanistan and Tina follows – first psychically and then physically. Since I’m more of a suspense than romance fan, I wish this had all happened sooner, but that’s just a personal preference of mine. For fans of romance, the slow build and tension-building within the relationships works.


The Dream Jumper’s Secret is a good match for paranormal romance readers looking for a deeper exploration of what happens after the guy gets the girl.


Here’s the blurb:


In Book 2 of the Amazon Bestselling Series, Dream Jumper, Tina and Jamey hope that life on Maui will slow down but soon find their life’s path taking them off the Hawaiian Isle. Way off.


Tina suspects that Jamey’s keeping a secret from her and feels unable to give her complete heart to him. When Jamey leaves for Seattle to see his daughters, she worries that he’ll return to the war in Afghanistan. She finds herself back at her parents’ house on Mercer Island, helping with a family emergency. A revelation has Tina doubting Jamey’s commitment to their relationship and when the military comes for Jamey, their relationship takes a strange turn. One that is dependent on their unusual shared ability. Dependent to the point of saving each other’s lives in dire circumstances. But just when happiness looms, Jamey has a final secret that must be told to save Tina from Jamey’s worst nightmare.

paranormal romanceAbout the Author:

Kim Hornsby is a Seattle writer, a mother, a wife, a messy housekeeper, a dog lover, and a voracious reader. She was born in Belleville, Canada, lived in Vancouver, Maui, Whistler, Taipei and now Seattle. Though The Dream Jumper’s Promise is set in Hawaii, Kim’s favorite travel destination is Nicaragua, where she does a little work with the Nicaraguan Children’s Foundation.